Dear visitor,
you've found the site of a browser game at the very beginning of its development. There is nothing playable yet, just a missing satisfaction, an idea and an ambition.

I'm drawn to science-fiction since my early days. And thus I've also played a lot of Sci-Fi games. During my studies a friend introduced me to "Ogame" and I got hucked.. after a while you could say also addicted. A browsergame is the advantage you can play it anywhere on nearly any device. However in "Ogame" you only win if you are "always online" and you plan your daily life to the game.

I've played and am playing "real" spacegames like EVE Online or Elite Dangerous however you can't play those everywhere and at any time. You need to commit a certain amount of time at a piece into them. So I searched for a Space Browser Game that doesn't rely on me to be constantly online in order not to loose my fleet. And that has a bit more scale and depth as Ogame has.

I found none... which is sad.
PS: If you know of a game meeting these criterias, let me know!

I had started working on a game called Galaxy Control years ago, but real life career killed that project. Now I have the motivation to try this again.
Since there is a tablet game called "Galaxy-Control" now, I had to choose a new name and selected a generic one which mostly likely not cause any copyright infringements.

  • Playable casually, whenever you feel like
  • Less 1:1 combat driven, more strategic like risk
  • Less base building, more empire management (100 colonized planets should be possible)
  • Each player defines combat tactics per fleet, needs to anticipate enemy tactics (flank with small ships? Large ones as bullet-sponge or in the back?)
  • Units can gain experience, thus become more efficient and valuable
  • Dominate and integrate weaker players into you empire. Thus your goal is not to destroy other players, but to have them submit to you empire and fuel you reign
  • Espionage
  • Roundbased, thus you need to think ahead
  • Procedural and thus endless galaxy, everyone in one galaxy
  • Player-driven trade
  • Months of work destroyed in two hours
  • Combat can be simulated easily and outcome is known
  • Unconnected "universes"/game worlds
Devlopment blogs
Planets are forming
Been a while since my last post and delevopment was slow, since the last week I mainly coded for my tool for EVE Online.

End of Febuary we had a generator for regions and sectors, thus the foundati...
2016-04-23 18:56:48Read more
Naming the universe
And another quick one about the naming schematics. Then I can throw away the pieve of paper in front of me that outlines this.

Of course "stuff" in a universe has to have a name. How else would whe...
2016-02-29 12:48:34Read more
Universe is growing
During the weekend I was able to complete the code for an expansion of the universe by one randomly generated sector at a time.

First I had to crack the nut how to determine, where to add a new sec...
2016-02-29 08:55:47Read more
Seeing is believing
The galaxy map is real. The major steps for the map visualisation are complete and it is looking beautifully. Of course after first creating the map, the links all looked wrong. But that was not due t...
2016-02-20 17:30:10Read more
Galaxy initialisation successfully stored in DB
Yesterday completed the galaxy creation code and now the region, sector and system information including the connection routes between sectors are stored in the the database. Thus had to create some a...
2016-02-17 08:34:40Read more